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Give Your Purchases a Bigger Meaning!

Do you love shopping on Amazon?

Do you love supporting a good cause?

Consider using AmazonSmile and choosing the Max Gruver Foundation as the charity you’ll support! With Amazon Prime Day events this week (October 13-14), there’s no better time to begin using AmazonSmile.

At no extra cost to you, AmazonSmile donates 0.5% of your eligible purchases to a charitable organization.

Accessing AmazonSmile from a Computer

If you make Amazon purchases from a computer, simply search AmazonSmile or click the box below to help us generate more funds for the Max Gruver Foundation.

Accessing AmazonSmile from a Tablet or Phone

Look below for the three-step process to activate AmazonSmile on the Amazon app.

  1. Click the Settings menu on the bottom right side of the screen

  2. Click AmazonSmile

  3. Now activate the program and choose the Max Gruver Foundation as your charity to support!

AmazonSmile is the easiest way to donate funds through purchases you're already making. At not additional cost to you, you're able to support the Max Gruver Foundation and our mission to #StopTheHazing.

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