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Max was a freshman at Louisiana State University, majoring in political communications. He was a 2017 graduate of Blessed Trinity Catholic High School (Roswell, GA). Max was a kind and generous young man who was deeply loved by his friends and family - known as a gentle giant. He had a passion for sports, even coaching his little sister’s basketball team. He was a published sports writer at Max was so excited to begin preparing for his career in journalism at LSU and had already made a new home in Louisiana.
Max died at LSU from a hazing event held at the Phi Delta Theta house on September 14th, 2017. His parents found a journal shortly after Max died where we wrote, “God works in funny ways. He does bad things sometimes because in the end they are good. Something bad may happen to you, but it may happen because it will make you better. He does bad to ultimately create good.” This passage gave Max’s parents, Stephen and Rae Ann Gruver, the strength and direction to start the Max Gruver Foundation.

A Message From Max's Family

Our beloved Max was a person who cared deeply about others. He took actions time and again to help others, especially if they were facing challenging circumstances. In the giving spirit of Max, we are reaching out to the young people who have been blessed to have had their lives touched by Max.
Be very aware that situations can quickly get out of control. Look out for and be cautious of situations that could put you or your friends in danger. Such situations could result in tragic consequences not only for you, but also for your friends and family.

So, please look out for yourself and, and as importantly, look out for others. Speak up if you see a situation that does not look right. If you’re noticing something doesn’t seem right–chances are, it’s not. Take action. Get help. Taking action takes courage–even if it seems like the unpopular route to take.

As members of Christ’s family, it is our responsibility to look after one another and to help each other. The community that has gathered here today is full of helpers, people who care deeply for one another. You are an important part of this community–this is your community. In the giving spirit of Max, take this community with you when you go out in the world and keep each other safe.

Steve, Rae Ann, Alex, and Lily Gruver thank everyone for their endless support in the fight to stop hazing!

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