Chi Phi hosted Rae Ann and Steve at the Alpha’s and Theta’s Academy in 2019 and 2020.  Chi Phi has been an active supporter of the Max Gruver Foundation since their initial meeting. They were a Lead sponsor for the inaugural Fly High Max 5K Feb. 2, 2018 and also for the 2nd annual in 2019. 
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In 2018, Sig Ep invited Evelyn Piazza and Rae Ann to speak at their Ruck Leadership Institute. Since this initial presentation, Ruck has invited them back for 2019 and 2020. The National headquarters also invited them, with other parents, to present at the 2019 Conclave in Houston, Texas.  Through meeting many of these young men,  Rae Ann has been invited to many campuses to share Max’s story and continue to raise awareness about the dangers of hazing.  The Max Gruver Foundation and Sig Ep continue to work together to end the hazing culture. 
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In January 2020, the Max Gruver Foundation announced our partnership with Phi Delta Theta Fraternity at their Presidents Leadership Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.  This relationship will provide opportunities for both organizations to work together to strengthen educational efforts to prevent future tragedies.  Working together we can celebrate the life and memory of Max while eradicating hazing.
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In August 2019, Sigma Chi hosted Rae Ann, Evelyn and Jim Piazza, and Rich Braham at their Krach Leadership Workshop in Bowling Green, Ohio.  The parents spoke to over 3,000 young men about the dangers of hazing.  Since then, Sigma Chi joined Alpha Delta Pi and the Max Gruver Foundation partnership for Hazing Prevention Week in 2019.  Together, the three organizations amplified the annual Stop the Hazing campaign. The Max Gruver Foundation will continue to share our message with and through these organizations. 
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