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The Max Gruver Foundation strives to create awareness, education, policy, and laws to prevent hazing. Attention to drugs, alcohol, and bullying are part of the education and awareness measures, as they are often used in hazing events.
The Foundation creates change and spreads awareness primarily through educational seminars and presentations at high schools, universities, student organizations, conferences, and meetings with students and fraternity and sorority leadership across the nation. The foundation works with state and federal lawmakers to help create and advocate for bills and laws on transparency, hazing as a felony, hazing education, failure to assist individuals in need, and other aspects of hazing prevention. 
The Max Gruver Foundation has proudly distributed over 250,000 #FlyHighMax wristbands to students at our educational speaking events, and have presented at numerous universities, organizations, and high schools over the past two years. The Max Gruver Foundation and the Gruver family have most notoriously helped the state of Louisiana create an updated felony hazing law, known as the Max Gruver Act. The Max Gruver Foundation funds two annual scholarships in memory of Max at Blessed Trinity Catholic High School and Queen of Angels Catholic School, both in Roswell, GA. 
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