We're so excited for you to meet our team! 
Our team is made up of a bunch of awesome people with a passion for hazing prevention. 
Don't hesitate to reach out if you have a question or want to get involved!
Rae Ann Gruver 

Co-Founder, Speaker, Co-President 


As Max's mother, Rae Ann truly feels a passion and duty to share her son's story, and do whatever she can to ensure no other family would go through what she has. Rae Ann had a wonderful experience as an Alpha Delta Pi sister, and wishes nothing but the best for all who join Greek Life. When Rae isn't advocating for hazing prevention, you can catch her cheering on the Clemson Tigers or spending time with family and friends!

blakely willard 

Co-Founder, Social Media Coordinator 


Blakely was Max's girlfriend and best friend throughout his high school years, and has continually advocated for hazing prevention at her school, Florida State, and beyond. Planning on working in the communications field, Blakely is our social media guru, and would love to post about your organization or event on our pages!

susan shu

Volunteer and Event Coordinator


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katie casey

Graduate Intern, Communications


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steve Gruver

Co-Founder, Speaker, Co-President


Steve is Max's father and will do whatever he can to spread his son's message. He frequently joins his wife Rae Ann at speaking events, and has advocated for legal reform for hazing on Capitol Hill. If you ever need a recommendation on where to get the best slice of pizza wherever you are, Steve is your guy! 

avery bracken

Law Liaison


Avery was Max's first friend at LSU and has been an amazing source of support ever since. She is a member of Phi Mu, and loves BLANK. Avery has recently taken on the position as our law liasion, to help connect you to your state's current hazing legislation, and information on what you can do to update it.

kelley jones

Fundraising and Event Coordinator


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robin hagemeyer

Financial Resources


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megan mccarthy

High School Intern


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